Wednesday, 21 July 2010


So, it seems this is what the kids are about these days, I must be getting old... Apparently passing around a spliff at a party or alternately shooting up on the odd occasion is not what the adolescents do to get their kicks anymore, it is all about I-Dosing. Forgive me if I am a bit behind, it seems Americans are seasoned pros, but for those of you not familiar with this concept, (this was myself before yesterday) I-Dosing consists of putting your headphones on and subjecting yourself to a track of hypnotic, spacey drone like music. The effect of this on the listener mimics that of drugs, sending the listener into a crazy junkie world where nothing quite makes sense. The boffin sciencey types out there came up with a theory called 'Binaural Beats.' This is when two different frequencies are played into the ears and has been used successfully to combat sleep problems and anxiety. Despite reassurances that actually this drug like effect is actually a load of old twaddle, there appear to be endless videos of young people with not much to do simulating crack induced fits and kids across the pond in Oklahoma are being warned categorically not to visit these sites. After listening to a few beats of this well thought out and tuneful piece of ear juice, I decided I must be missing something, can't say I'm convinced...

What do you think?

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