Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse: Dark Night of The Soul

This certain piece of collaboration history did not arrive in my ears without a fair bit of drama. There is of course a long and established friendship between musicians and suicide, but the most, well, ironic part of this sad tale is that Mark Linkous of the Sparklehorse half of this musical meeting wanted to join forces with like minded creative folk to make new music and combat the depression which he had suffered with throughout his adult life. After a tour with Radiohead in 1996 Linkous was confined to a wheelchair for 6 months after overdosing on a less than pleasant mix of valium, heroin and alcohol, and then in March of this year he ended a remarkable journey as other tortured souls before him have. But what he did leave with us was not only a near finished Sparklehorse album, but also 'Dark Night of the Soul' an album written along with Dangermouse with guest singers from a number of bands. Worth checking out, if only for the surprising appearance of Suzanne Vega (who is consequently making her own comeback) and a surprisingly tame Iggy Pop.

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