Thursday, 16 September 2010

10 Reasons To Love Phil Collins

So I'm at work and we're in chats about a new music programme to pitch, making preliminary notes on who might appear. Working through our list, I mention Phil Collins, smiling inside as I think of gorillas that play drums. 'Phil Collins?!' is the horrified reply I get, as if the Genesis dude who tapes his drumsticks to his arms before gigs isn't cool or something.  
So before you I lay 10 reasons why you could never not love Phil Collins:

1. A keen supporter of PETA, he once donated a signed drumstick in a campaign against KFC
2. He is an absolute monster of reinvention having hits spanning Prog Rock to Dance Pop to the (super cool) new Motown album.
3. He can sing in 4 different languages
4. It only took one take for him to get the drums down for the original Band-Aid's 'Do They Know It's Christmas'
5. Taught himself drums!
6. At 19 he played drums for George Harrison and as a child appeared as an extra in 'A Hard Days Night'
7. Has collaboed with Crosby eek!
8. Once performed in Philadelphia and London on the same day
9. Donates all his royalties in South Africa to The Topsy Foundation
10. Raised important political issues like Apartheid and Homelessness.

He may also have crazy love for Alamo and model railways, but we forgive him, because he's Phil, and he's a ledge.

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